WKA Mexico – RFL 19

Watch explosive fights between Mexico, Costa Rica & the USA.

December 5th 6pm UTC-6​

RFL19 Fight Card

North American WKA Title – 60 kgs
Navarro (Mexico) vs Bonilla (Costa Rica)

Brow (USA) vs Reyes (Mexico)

Martinez (Mexico) vs Garcia (Costa Rica)

Menchaca (Mexico) vs Pena (Costa Rica)

Flores (Mexico) vs Loria (Costa Rica)

Loeza (Mexico) vs Quezada (Costa Rica)

Bojorge (Costa Rica) vs Wero (Mexico)

Blunt (Mexico) vs Aguilera (Costa Rica)

Totomol (Mexico) vs Ramirez (Costa Rica)

Calderon (Costa Rica) vs Locoboy (Mexico)

English commentary

Spanish commentary

Description: Watch explosive fights between Mexico, Costa Rica and the USA

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