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Fight Girls 2021
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Fight Girls 2021

Fight Girls are back! Welcome to fight girls 2021 this year we have 28 fighters, 14 fights, 1 goal to become the best version of our...
Glozier Boxing
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Glozier Boxing

Glozier Boxing presents Lockdown to Smackdown on 7th May 2021 from Auckland, New Zealand.... This content is for Annual, Monthly, an...
CSC Smoker 3
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CSC Smoker 3

USA FIGHTING SPIRIT WON’T BE BEAT With just 3 months out from WKA American National Champs in August. Amateur shows are ramping up a...
Phillip Lam
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Phillip Lam

Grandmaster Phillp Lam is renowned for his skillful matchmaking and this highly anticipated card is building to a real treat for Mua...
Impact 7
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Impact 7

Watch Impact Fight Night 7 in Morrinsville, New Zealand SATURDAY 8TH MAY 2021 at 5 pm. Main card includes CONNAR’PRETTY BOY...