Welcome to WKA TV

This is WKA International’s portal for all our media footage, we have put all the media into four sections for you. 

Fight Shows: 
    This is our WKA Fight Shows, footage from events in the last few years to the latest footage.

💥 Live Shows: 
    Live “Free to Air” shows and our PPV (Pay Per View) shows from around the world in one place, you can keep eye on international action.

💥 TV Show: 
    TV Show is a regular mid week show that keeps YOU upto date with all things WKA.

💥 Legacy: 
    This is our WKA Fight Shows from our past, going back to the late 70’s showing the depth and history of WKA.

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For over 40 years, the WKA has been at the forefront of Kickboxing. WKA TV is here to record, collate and archive all things WKA. From past legends to current events with fighters following in the footsteps of the greats. WKA TV will cover all styles of WKA.